October Farm Riverfront

Year Acquired / 2016
Size / 80 acres
Trails / Extensive and varied trail system
Properties / 5

This joint project by the Town of Concord and the Land Trust preserved a beautiful and distinctive landscape including a mile of of frontage on the Concord River. The network of trails affords access to a series of eskers, historic artifacts (a canoe house and cabin foundations) and wooded flood plains.

The purchase of October Farm Riverfront was made possible thanks to very generous private donations, the residents of Concord, and a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Ownership is divided between the Town (33 acres) and the Land Trust (47 acres). 



Bird and wildlife habitat, a stone canoe house, vernal pools, river views

Trail Conditions

Both easy and very steep trails, some seasonal flooding

Entrances / parking

Parking area at the end of Ball’s Hill Road, off Monument Street.

Explore October Farm Riverfront

Concord River from OFR

Concord River

October Farm Riverfront has almost a mile of river frontage along the Concord River. There are many great viewpoints along the yellow trail, but also vantage points from Ball's Hill.
October Farm Riverfront Canoe House

Canoe House

William Brewster maintained a few buildings at the base of Ball’s Hill along the Concord River. The stone foundations remain of the cabin where he entertained guests with food and overnight stays. This was his private abode and a great place for him to observe nature.
Just west of the cabin, sheep laurel, catbriar, and shadbush can be found with some intermingled elms, maples, and oaks.
Fall sunlight

Thank you Collin Valentine for the beautiful fall pictures of October Farm Riverfront.
Fall colors

Concord River from October Farm Riverfront by Collin Valentine.
Frog on log

Vernal Pools

October Farm Riverfront is an important habitat for many amphibians. Many vernal pools are visible from trails.

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The land regulations

Please stay on marked trails

Leave the land as you found it

Do not remove plants, wildlife, stones, or historical artifacts

Carry out litter and dog waste and dispose of properly

Dogs must be under control at all times

Please observe posted restrictions for horses and bicycles

No camping, fires, or hunting (except by special permission)

No alcoholic beverages

No motorized vehicles except to provide ADA access