Hosmer Land and Mattison Field

Year Acquired / 1961-1962
Size / 14 acres
Trails / Loop trail
Properties / 3

An important element of the loop trail through this part of Concord, the Hosmer Land’s steeply glaciated terrain adds interesting contrast to the rolling farmland and flood plains characteristic of other parts of the loop. The Hosmer Land, located west of Old Road to Nine Acre Corner was donated to CLCT in 1961-1962. One parcel consisting of almost 11 acres was donated by Gladys Hosmer, and an additional three acres were donated by the J&E Company.

The loop trail that now runs through the Hosmer Land and Mattison Field represents a great example of partnerships. In 1998, CLCT joined with the Friends of the Mattison Field, local and state leaders and a national non-profit organization to preserve 43 acres of farm field. The land is now owned by the Town of Concord.


Historic water tower, beautiful river views, steep eskers, large agricultural fields

Trail Conditions

Hosmer Land has some steep trails, Mattison Field is an easy walk, seasonal flooding along river

Entrances / parking

North Entrance:

Parking along Old Road to Nine Acre Corner across from the Deaconess Well entrance.

South Entrance:

A centrally located parking lot is at Mattison Field, on the east side of Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, across the street and just south of Thornton Lane.


Mattison Field can be accessed by foot from Sudbury Road via a trail just south of #920

Explore Hosmer Land and Mattison Field

Hosmer Land topography

Hosmer Land

The Hosmer Land is named in honor of Gladys Hosmer, who donated 11 acres of woodland in 1961. This area is known for its dramatic topography, formed 15,000 years ago when the last glacier receded from Concord. In the spring you can find lady-slippers along the trail in these woods, which ring with the songs of birds and frogs. A nearby, large vernal pool is an important breeding habitat for woodland amphibians. Panorama image courtesy of John Wood.

Loop trail

A nice hour-long loop through this area begins at the Mattison Field parking lot on Old Road to Nine Acre Corner. At the north corner of Mattison Field, a trail leads you near the river to the Deaconess Well property and ultimately to Old Road to Nine Acre Corner. Crossing the road, you can continue on a Town trail that will lead you to the Hosmer Land. To return to the Mattison Field parking lot, walk south and around the farmed field near Thornton Lane, following the perimeter and being careful to avoid the crops. The parking lot is just across the road, slightly to the right.
Dorvel Trail Easement

Mattison Field

Mattison Field was preserved in 1998 thanks to a cooperative effort involving CLCT, the Town, the Commonwealth, the Trust for Public Land, and hundreds of generous donors. The 43-acre property is now owned by the Town as protected agricultural land. A portion of the field is cultivated farmland and the rest is actively hayed. It is an important breeding ground for grassland birds, so please stay on the mowed trails and leash your dog from April 1 to July 31. It is also enjoyed by many walkers so please clean up after your pet. Trails around the field lead you past a historic water tower which supported the dairy cows that once grazed on this land. For those wanting to reach Sudbury Road by foot, a trail in the southeast corner of the property goes across a stream and through the woods over a CLCT easement. Panorama image courtesy of John Wood.

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The land regulations

Please stay on marked trails

Leave the land as you found it

Do not remove plants, wildlife, stones, or historical artifacts

Carry out litter and dog waste and dispose of properly

Dogs must be under control at all times

Please observe posted restrictions for horses and bicycles

No camping, fires, or hunting (except by special permission)

No alcoholic beverages

No motorized vehicles except to provide ADA access