Chamberlin Woods

Year Acquired / 1998 and 1999
Size / 58.52 acres
Trails / 1
Properties / 3

Chamberlin Woods consists of 59 tranquil acres of land, mostly wooded, on the east side of Lowell Road. Trails here connect to the larger Estabrook Woods through property of Middlesex School and private landowners.These woods were the generous gift of the Newbury children who grew up across Lowell Road. The donation of the land to CLCT was completed in 1999.


Unusual swamp, active wildlife habitat

Trail Conditions

Easy walk, wet areas, some slight hills

Entrances / parking

Park on the right-hand shoulder of Lowell Road heading out of Concord across from #1127 and #1155.

Explore Chamberlin Woods

Field in front of Chamberlin Woods

The trail leads from the road through the stone wall and then to the left, to the back corner of the field and into a white pine and hemlock woods. South of the main trail is a long wetland called Fox Castle Swamp. Several ledge outcroppings seem to create a series of islands rising from the swamp.

A quarter of a mile or so after entering the woods, a trail branches off to the left and passes through the stone wall. This leads to a parcel owned by Middlesex School where the trails are open to the public. If one stays on the main trail, keeping the stone wall on the left, it leads through the rear boundary stone wall and continues on to private land. Please stay on the trail and observe posted rules.

On either trail, one eventually comes to a high overlook across Bateman’s Pond. To the south, on the far side of the ravine, is the site of a former trestle ski jump used around 1920.

Buttrick Land

Originally owned by Stedman Buttrick, these 3.67 wooded acres were purchased by the Land Trust from his heirs in 1978.

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The land regulations

Please stay on marked trails

Leave the land as you found it

Do not remove plants, wildlife, stones, or historical artifacts

Carry out litter and dog waste and dispose of properly

Dogs must be under control at all times

Please observe posted restrictions for horses and bicycles

No camping, fires, or hunting (except by special permission)

No alcoholic beverages

No motorized vehicles except to provide ADA access