Nashawtuc Hill

Year Acquired / 1993-2010
Size / 77 acres
Trails / extensive system
Properties / 7

Concord’s rivers take center stage in the walks around Nashawtuc Hill. This assemblage of protected lands has come about over 50 years, thanks to the generosity of numerous land donors, neighbors, and members who value its unspoiled character.  Protected lands include Simon Willard Woods, Brengle-Ham Field, Brooks-Hudson Meadow, French’s Meadow, Shaw Land, Sherwood Red Maple Swamp.

Riverfest 2021 is featuring a self-guided hike of the Land Trust’s Nashawtuc Hill properties. Download the Riverfest self-guided walk map.


Spectacular river views, ice skating on French’s Meadow, dramatic spring floods, abandoned railroad bed

Trail Conditions

Easy walk, wet areas, some slight hills

Entrances / parking

French’s Meadow parking on Nashawtuc Road causeway

Brooks Hudson parking on Musketaquid Road

Simon Willard Woods parking near the end of Simon Willard Road

Explore Nashawtuc Hill

There are a variety of trails through CLCT properties and a number of access points. The spine of this open space is an abandoned railroad right of way. Its eastern end, on the left bank of the Sudbury River, offers views across wet French’s Meadow; its western end is where the railroad tracks once crossed the Assabet River at a ford. The railroad trail can be reached at a number of points – see the map for the most convenient access. Once on the main trail, a number of spur trails enable visitors to explore a variety of different landscapes.

At the western end of the trail, a walk through the Cameron Woods loops through a level flood plain featuring hemlock groves and ferns; sections of this trail are impassable during high water conditions. On the south side of the trail, the Simon Willard Woods, once part of a golf course of the original Concord Country Club, are now grown up in tall white pine and hardwoods. Proceeding east, the Brengle-Ham field is sunny upland. A path out to Egg Rock leads through a grove of hemlocks, mentioned in a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, to the place where the Sudbury and Assabet Rivers meet to form the Concord River.
Simon Willard Woods

Simon Willard Woods

The Simon Willard Woods consists of approximately 26 acres of woodland and was purchased from the Garth family in 2000. The purchase was made possible by generous donations raised by a neighborhood committee working with CLCT. As part of this campaign, Marian Korbet donated a conservation restriction on 39 acres of her own land along the Assabet River.
Brengle-Ham Field

Brengle-Ham Field

The Field consists of approximately 7 acres just off Musterfield Road. Almost 5 acres were donated by William and Agnes Brengle in 1993, and the remainder was donated by the Ham family in 1992 and 1997. Photo curtesy of Molly Constable.

Assabet Woodlot

At the heart of Nashawtuc Hill’s open space lies a three acre parcel known as the “Woodlot”. This property was acquired in 2006 through generous donations from neighbors, CLCT members and the Shaw family.
French's Meadow

French’s Meadow

More than 29 acres of flood plain were purchased by CLCT in 1961 from Alicia French
and stretch from the Nashawtuc Bridge to the Town of Concord's Egg Rock.
Brooks-Hudson Meadow

Brooks-Hudson Meadow

This property is a combination of two gifts of adjacent parcels in 1965. Three and one half acres were donated by Ruth F. Brooks and two and a half acres were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Reginald deK. Hudson. The land runs along the Sudbury River between Elm Street and Musketaquid Road.
Shaw Land in Fall

Shaw Land

The Shaw family has made several gifts of land over the years on Nashawtuc Hill. These include two 1 acre parcels donated by Walter Shaw in 1961 and 1965 and 5.3 acres of pasture land donated by Gordon Shaw in 2010.

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The land regulations

Please stay on marked trails

Leave the land as you found it

Do not remove plants, wildlife, stones, or historical artifacts

Carry out litter and dog waste and dispose of properly

Dogs must be under control at all times

Please observe posted restrictions for horses and bicycles

No camping, fires, or hunting (except by special permission)

No alcoholic beverages

No motorized vehicles except to provide ADA access