Wright Woods Work Party

We need 30 volunteers between two shifts to help us complete this important work. Please join us!

“Many hands make light work” is a Shaker saying that readily applies to the work before us. We have 134 shrubs and trees to plant in an area that was once a swimming pool and tennis court, then a horse paddock, and now it will be returned to a forested habitat. We have more than a dozen bundles of cut buckthorn, a pervasive invasive, to relocate out of the wetland buffer and onto higher ground.

Event Details (sign up HERE)

Saturday, September 18, 2021
9:00am – 10:30am (1 shift of 15 volunteers)
11:00am – 12:30pm (2nd shift of 15 volunteers)

Choose one shift or sign up for both. All are welcome. Children under 15 years should not be counted toward the total number of volunteers, but are very welcome to help with adult accompaniment! Plant sizes range between 1 and 7 gallon pots and can be difficult for younger children to handle on their own.

Volunteers will spend 45 minutes planting shrubs and trees followed by 30 minutes of invasives work. Parterre Ecological, a trusted vendor of the Land Trust, will prepare the site for planting, from pre-digging the holes to providing volunteers with planting directions. Trustees and staff will assist volunteer participants. Then, volunteers will help move several piles of pre-cut buckthorn in a “bucket brigade” style from a lower trail area to higher ground. Again, trustees and staff will assist. Time permitting, we will also pull additional buckthorn saplings, as well as tackle an infestation of oriental bittersweet.

Bring (if you have them):

  • work gloves
  • soil knife or scissors to break up the root ball
  • shovel to replace the soil around root ball (holes are pre-dug)
  • loppers
  • insect and tick repellent
  • hat
  • plenty of water to drink


Dress for weather conditions and wear sturdy shoes. Masks are optional, but people who are not signed up together should keep socially distanced (six feet apart). There are no restroom facilities on site.


To get to the Wright Woods, drive eastbound on Route 2; 1/3 mile beyond the Sudbury Road intersection, exit onto Fairhaven Road and take the gravel drive to your right (the one with signs to houses #317, 338, 355 and 742); drive (slowly!) one mile to fork in the road; take the left fork down to the Fairhaven Overlook (former Bay House site).


Fairhaven Overlook (former Bay House site). Look for a volunteer to direct you.


Contact Jane Gruba-Chevalier at info@concordland.org or at 978-369-6526.

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