Trail Work Days (Summer ’21)


Calling all volunteers!

Help take care of Land Trust properties this summer by joining fellow members and friends at the upcoming work days, described below.

  • You may just show up, but it’s helpful if you let us know you’re coming. Call Joan Ferguson at 978.505.2924 or email We will also provide a limited number of tools if you don’t have what’s needed.
  • Don’t forget your work gloves, water, insect repellent, hats!

Thursday, July 1

When: 9:00 – 2:00 – come for as short or long a time as you want

European buckthorn in the Wright Woods – stop the invasion! The Wright Woods is a priority habitat where we’re trying to keep invasives from getting a toehold. We’ll be hand-pulling plants and using weed wrenches.

Location: Wright Woods. Drive eastbound on Route 2; 1/3 mile beyond the Sudbury Road intersection, exit onto Fairhaven Road and take the gravel drive to your right (the one with signs to houses #317, 338, 355 and 742); drive (slowly!) one mile to fork in the road; take the left fork down to the Bay House site

Parking: At the Bay House site

Bring: Loppers and hand saws


Wednesday, July 7

When: 9:00 – 11:00

Black swallowwort at Corey Meadow – a pernicious and evil invasive vine. Here’s a chance to continue the work done last year to control black swallowwort in Corey Meadow, by hand-pulling the plant now before its pods ripen.

Location: Corey Meadow, south side of Barrett’s Mill Road

Parking: On shoulder of north side of Barrett’s Mill Road between #222 and #268, in front of the Corey-Bourquin Field

Bring: Hand clippers


Wednesday, July 14

When: 9:00 – 11:00

Newbury Field causeway work – The trailhead! The causeway! The big field! A variety of tasks will improve trail and field conditions at Newbury Field.

Location: Newbury Field, behind #1155 Lowell Road

Parking: On shoulder along the east side of Lowell Road across from #1127 and #1155 (this is the Chamberlin Woods trailhead); cross Lowell Road and walk down driveway to #1127. We’ll meet at the trailhead.

Bring: Hand clippers, loppers and hand saws


Thursday, August 5th

When: 9:00 – 11:00

October Farm Riverfront – that pesky catbrier…

Location: October Farm Riverfront, at the end of Ball’s Hill Road

Parking: At the gravel parking lot

Bring: Hand clippers, loppers and leather work gloves


And that’s not all! In August and September, volunteers will be needed to stack pine saplings as part of a forest thinning project and to plant a new woodland. Stay tuned…

Please let us know if there are better times for you to help — we may be able to vary the events to capture more volunteers.

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