The Concord Land Conservation Trust owns over 1,000 acres of land in Concord, all of which is open to the public. We have a beautiful, full-color, 25-page Trail Guide (updated in 2014) that includes maps of some of our best land for walking and informative descriptions of each property’s trails and features. The maps from that guide can be viewed by clicking on the property names below. Become a member today and we’ll mail you your own booklet as well as keep you informed of guided walks and other events.

This listing also represents an inventory of CLCT properties as they were acquired. As such, it illustrates the power of incremental efforts to create a meaningful network of open space over time.

Upper Spencer Brook Valley

Bemis Land  The 11-acre wooded Bemis land was acquired by gift from Mary and Alan Bemis in 1977 and 1985. 

Clarke Land  Located off Westford Road, the approximately 7-acre Clarke property was donated to CLCT in 1977 by Winifred H. and J. Russell Clarke Jr. 

Freeman/Martin Land  Donated by Lynn Ellen Freeman and Peter Martin in 1996, the 14 acre parcel abuts the Bemis land.

Huggins Land  Purchased in 1978, the Huggins Land comprises almost 18 acres off Westford Road in the Spencer Brook Valley.

Jeans Land  The Jeans Land was initially purchased by COLF and then transferred to CLCT in 2009. This 2.7 acre field on Westford Road may be used for parking for other Spencer Brook properties.

Keyes Land  The Keyes land consists of almost 28 wooded acres off of Strawberry Hill Road.  The first 15 acres were donated to CLCT by Henry Keyes in 1976, and in 2002, Judy and Jonathan Keyes donated an additional 12.65 acres.

Piney Woods  The 4.5 acre Piney Woods property was purchased by CLCT in 2000 with the aid of donations from neighbors and other CLCT members.

Newbury Field

Newbury Field Situated off Lowell Road in the Spencer Brook Valley, the Newbury Land includes 34 acres of open upland, woods and a portion of the Brook.  The property was a gift by Anne Newbury in 1990.  Donations by CLCT members and transactions by COLF helped cover the cost of the access trail.

Rustino Land These four acres, located off Lindsay Pond Road in the Spencer Brook Valley, were donated to CLCT by Adele Rustino in 1999.

Chamberlin Woods

Chamberlin Woods This property consists of 59 acres of land, mostly wooded, on the East side of Lowell Road.  The donation of the land to CLCT by members of the Newbury family was completed in 1999.

Buttrick Land Originally owned by Stedman Buttrick, these 3.67 wooded acres were purchased by CLCT from his heirs in 1978.

October Farm Riverfront

October Farm Riverfront This joint project by The Town of Concord and the Land Trust was completed in December 2016. The property consists of 80 acres of varied terain and vegetation, and includes a mile of of frontage on the Concord River. The Town owns 33 acres and the Land Trust owns 47 acres. The purchase was made possible thanks to very generous private donations, the residents of Concord, and a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Hallenbeck Land

Hallenbeck Land The Hallenbeck land consists of 4 parcels totaling more than 20 acres off Lowell Road.  The bulk of the property was donated by Jane Hallenbeck to CLCT in 1995.  Two additional parcels
(approximately 5 acres in the aggregate) were purchased by COLF and donated to CLCT in 1996.  The purchase was made possible through the efforts and donations of neighbors working with CLCT and COLF. 

Corey-Bourquin Field

Corey-Bourquin Land This land was acquired in 2006 and is located just to the north of Barrett’s Mill Road between Lowell Road and Strawberry Hill Road.   Through the generosity of the sisters who owned this property, Rosita Corey and Elizabeth Corey Bourquin, CLCT was able to purchase the property for far less than its assessed value. It consists of 23 acres of hayfields, woods, and wetlands. 

Corey Meadow This lovely 3.5 acre meadow was donated to CLCT by Dorothy Corey (mother of the sisters who donated the Corey-Bourquin Field) in 1983 and 1985. It extends from Barrett’s Mill Road to the Assabet River. 

Wright Woods

Wright Woods  Among the first properties acquired by CLCT, Wright Woods links Walden Pond Reservation with the Sudbury River and a well site of the Town of Concord. It abuts land owned by the Walden Woods Project.  Initially consisting of gifts by Helen Wright beginning in 1959 and eventually aggregating some
239 acres, the property has been augmented over the years by additional gifts in the Fairhaven Hill area from Henry Seton, Eric Parkman Smith, Mary S. Thompson, and Eunice Knight. Today, Wright Woods and neighboring parcels total approximately 303 acres, chiefly woodland.

Seton Woods Adjacent to the Wright Woods parcel donated by her father, this 33 acre property was donated to CLCT in 2014 by Mary Seton Abele, who lived on Fairhaven Hill for most of her childhood and wanted others to enjoy the open space she explored growing up.

Scout Island  This island in Fairhaven Bay was a gift of Edwin D. Brooks, Jr. in 1981.  The property consists of 2.7 acres and is accessible only by boat. It is contiguous with 9.6 acres of upland woods donated to CLCT by Barbara and William Schevill in 1990.

Nashawtuc Hill

Assabet Woodlot – At the heart of Nashawtuc Hill’s open space lies a three acre parcel known as the “Woodlot”. This property was acquired in 2006 through generous donations from neighbors and CLCT members. 

Brengle-Ham Field  The Field consists of approximately 7 acres just off Musterfield Road.  Almost 5 acres were donated by William and Agnes Brengle in 1993, and the remainder was donated by the Ham family in 1992 and 1997.

Brooks-Hudson Meadow This property is a combination of two gifts of adjacent parcels in 1965. Three and one half acres were donated by Ruth F. Brooks and two and a half acres were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Reginald deK. Hudson. The land runs along the Sudbury River between Elm Street and Musketaquid Road.

French’s Meadow  More than 29 acres of flood plain were purchased by CLCT in 1961 from Alicia French
and stretch from the Nashawtuc Bridge to the Town of Concord’s Egg Rock. 

Sherwood Land  A gift of Thomas Sherwood to CLCT in 1966, the 10.5-acre Sherwood property abuts the Concord and Assabet Rivers at Lowell Road.

Shaw Land The Shaw family has made several gifts of land over the years on Nashawtuc Hill. These include two 1 acre parcels donated by Walter Shaw in 1961 and 1965 and 5.3 acres of pasture land donated by Gordon Shaw in 2010.

Simon Willard Woods  The Simon Willard Woods consists of approximately 26 acres of woodland and was purchased from the Garth family in 2000. The purchase was made possible by generous donations raised by a neighborhood committee working with CLCT. As part of this campaign, Marian Korbet donated a conservation restriction on 39 acres of her own land along the Assabet River.

Gowing’s Swamp

Gowing’s Swamp In 2012 CLCT purchased a 7.2 acre portion of Gowing’s Swamp thanks to the generous support of the landowner and the community. This rare and beauiful bog is tucked away below a glacial ridge. The loop walk around the bog traverses protected land in three ownerships including this parcel owned by CLCT.

Bigelow Woods, Soutter Field and Hubbard Brook Farmfield

Hubbard Brook Farmfield These almost 18 acres of land on Sudbury Road were acquired in 2008 and represent an important step in our initiative to save local farmland.  The property was purchased with the donations of neighbors, CLCT members and Town residents. A grant from Concord’s Community Preservation Fund was also received.

Soutter Field and Bigelow Woods  This 77-acre property is located on the corner of Sudbury Road and Route 2.  The property was donated in 1993 by Mary Soutter and consists of a summer cow pasture and a wooded flood plain along the Sudbury River.

Hosmer Land and Mattison Field

Hosmer Land  Two parcels off Old Road to Nine Acre Corner near the Concord Country Club and the Town’s Deaconess well site were donated to CLCT in 1961-1962.  A parcel consisting of almost 11 acres was donated by Gladys Hosmer, and an additional 3 acres were donated by the J&E Company.

The loop trail that now runs through the Hosmer Land and Mattison Field represents a great example of partnerships. In 1998, CLCT joined with the Friends of the Mattison Field, local and state leaders and a national non-profit organization to preserve 43 acres of farm field. The land is now owned by the Town of Concord.

Miller Farm and Garfield Woods

Miller Farm  The 52-acre Miller Farm was donated to CLCT by the Poutasse family in 2001.  The property consists of wooded upland and farm land along Sudbury Road.  CLCT plans to continue to lease the open land for agricultural purposes.

Anderson Woods  Purchased by COLF in 1998, the house on the property was sold and the remaining 10 acres were donated to CLCT in 1999.  The property adjoins the Willow Guzzle town land on Sudbury
Road.  The acquisition of the Anderson Land was made possible by a generous gift from an anonymous donor and other gifts from CLCT members.

Ferguson Land  The 5-acre Ferguson property was acquired in 1997, along with donated conservation restrictions on 6.7 abutting acres. The property links Garfield Road with the Town’s Willow Guzzle Land.

North Corner A 5.6 acre woodland located at the intersection of Garfield and Sudbury Roads was purchased in 2015 thanks to the generous support of Land Trust members. It is directly adjacent to the trail on the Ferguson property.

Thornton Woods This 4.2 acre parcel contains the trailhead on lower Garfield Road that links to Land Trust trails in Anderson Woods and, through the Town’s Willow Guzzle, with the Land Trust’s Ferguson Land and Miller Farm properties.   The land was acquired in the spring of 2008. 

Hutchins Land  The 16.5 acre Hutchins property was purchased from the heirs of Gordon Hutchins by CLCT in 1971.  The property is located in the Estabrook Woods along Two Rod Road north of Punkatasset
Hill. Two Rod Road also connects to the Gifford Land, 15 acres of fields and woods that were donated to CLCT by Chandler and Barbara Gifford and their son and his wife, Peter and Holly Gifford, in 2003, 2004 and 2012.   


Kazmaier Land  Located on Elm Street, the Kazmaier land consists of open fields comprised of four parcels totaling 16 acres.  The property was gifted to CLCT in 1979-1981 by Patricia and Richard Kazmaier and is used for agricultural purposes.

Martin Land  The 9-acre Martin Land was donated to CLCT by Maude Smith and Helen Martin in 1970.  The wooded property links Park Lane to the Assabet River.

Spaulding Land  Through its president, Richard Spaulding, Spaulding Management Corporation donated
two parcels of land totaling nearly 40 acres to CLCT in 2001. The property named Elm Brook after the stream that runs through it, lies both to the north and south of Virginia Road. It abuts the Theoreau birthplace and Hanscom Field.

Other generous donors of land include Tim and Shirley Blancke, Patricia and Patrick Navarro, Reed and Helen Beharrel, and Mrs. Helen Kingman.