Our Land

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Newbury Field

Newbury Field Situated off Lowell Road in the Spencer Brook Valley, the Newbury Land includes 34 acres of open upland, woods and a portion of the Brook.  The property was a gift by Anne Newbury in 1990.  Donations by CLCT members and transactions by COLF helped cover the cost of the access trail.

Rustino Land These four acres, located off Lindsay Pond Road in the Spencer Brook Valley, were donated to CLCT by Adele Rustino in 1999.

Upper Spencer Brook Valley

Bemis Land  The 11-acre wooded Bemis land was acquired by gift from Mary and Alan Bemis in 1977 and 1985.

Clarke Land  Located off Westford Road, the approximately 7-acre Clarke property was donated to CLCT in 1977 by Winifred H. and J. Russell Clarke Jr.

Freeman/Martin Land  Donated by Lynn Ellen Freeman and Peter Martin in 1996, the 14 acre parcel abuts the Bemis land.

Huggins Land  Purchased in 1978, the Huggins Land comprises almost 18 acres off Westford Road in the Spencer Brook Valley.

Jeans Land  The Jeans Land was initially purchased by COLF and then transferred to CLCT in 2009. This 2.7 acre field on Westford Road may be used for parking for other Spencer Brook properties.

Keyes Land  The Keyes land consists of almost 28 wooded acres off of Strawberry Hill Road.  The first 15 acres were donated to CLCT by Henry Keyes in 1976, and in 2002, Judy and Jonathan Keyes donated an additional 12.65 acres.

Piney Woods  The 4.5 acre Piney Woods property was purchased by CLCT in 2000 with the aid of donations from neighbors and other CLCT members.