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Tabling Events:

Concord Ag Day

Come meet the Concord Land Conservation Trust as we table at the annual Concord Ag Day! Learn about our properties, how we help to conserve farm land in Concord to support local farmers and preserve the traditional farming landscape in Concord.

Saturday, Sept. 14th 2019, 10 am - 4 pm
Musketaquid wild walk series:

Wild Walk with Tim Swanson: Nature Awareness

Our senses have become dulled down by the stimuli we encounter in the modern world. This class will reconnect you with the woods and help you see, hear, smell, touch, and enjoy nature on a more intimate level. Get ready for fun games!

Sunday, October 6th 2019, 3pm - 5:30pm
Musketaquid wild walk series:

Nature Skills Festival with Ken Clarkson

Spend the afternoon learning to start a fire by friction, whittle sticks, make crafts and tools with natural materials.  Learn how to see the forest through an animal’s eyes and move with stealth; listen to and identify birds; and learn about wild edibles.
Instructors: Ken Clarkson, Rob Riman, Andrew Joslin

Sunday November 3rd 2019, 1-4pm

* CLCT has partnered with Musketaquid Arts and the Environment to offer family “Wild Walks” on CLCT properties. There is a small fee to register. CLCT makes its properties available for these events free of charge.