Virtual Hike Thornton and Anderson Woods

False Turkey Tail Musroom, Stereum ostrea

The Thornton and Anderson Woods are some of CLCT’s lesser known properties. To access, park in CLCT’s small designated parking area off of Garfield Road at Thornton Woods, or park along Sudbury Road and walk through the Town’s Willow Guzzle property. Lots of residents in the neighborhood love to use this trail system. 

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Thornton and Anderson Woods Map


Fabulous Fungi! Oftentimes fungi come out after a rain when the forest is still wet. Below are two videos of different fungi you can find out in Thornton and Anderson Woods.


Carex pensylvanica

Another one of New England’s early bloomers, although not as showy of a flower as others, still a lovely surprise to find along the trail when you take a moment to stop and look.

Opening up to bloom!
Spotted Wintergreen, Chimaphila maculata

There are several species of understory plants that stay evergreen in our New England forests, the videos below are examples you can find around Concord on CLCT’s properties.


Pipsissewa, Chimaphila umbellata
Partridge berry, Mitchella repens

Often overlooked, mosses are fascinating plants in our forests: here we see that with the rain, they begin to reproduce via spores. 

Sporophyte - the reproductive structures of a moss
This is the basal rosette of garlic mustard, Alliaria petiolata

We cannot forget that like many other land managers in New England, CLCT constantly works to remove invasive plant species. Garlic Mustard is one that is easy to identify and pull. We would love help doing this as you are outside exploring properties.

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