Virtual Hike at Hallenbeck Land

The Hallenbeck Land is one of CLCT’s lesser known properties to discover the trails there! To access Hallenbeck, trail users can park along Indian Spring Road, then walk north along Lowell Road to reach the trailhead. There will be a large wooden sign for Hallenbeck Land at the trailhead. 

Download Hallenbeck Trail Map

Hallenbeck has a loop trail that goes from low wet areas, around a wet meadow, then into forested upland to reveal a vernal pool. The property was once a chicken farm owned by the Tompkins Family where they pioneered breeding of the Rhode Island Red breed of chicken. There are still remnants of structures on the property reminding the trail passerby of the former use.


Both red maple and willow trees are in bloom and starting to bud burst in the wet meadow area!


An iconic wetland plant is in bloom right now, and one of the earliest wildflowers to bloom in New England.

Sometimes even nature surprises naturalists! Bonus video!


When we have warm wet weather in the spring, pools like these are a great place to hear spring amphibians calling. 


Another spring wildflower, though not as showy as others, is another sign that spring is in the air, literally, with this wind-pollinated shrub.


Like so many other open spaces and conserved land in New England, this plant and others pose a management challenge as an invasive species. Many invasive plant shrubs leaf out earlier than our native flora, thus having a competitive edge.


Here is a nice juxtaposition of both cultivated and wild spring in New England.

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