April in Wright Woods

The Wright Woods is CLCT’s largest tract of land to explore in Concord. With a diverse and long trail system, it is a great spot to take a long walk, run, or meander through the forest. Wright Woods can be accessed from parking along Arena Terrace (off of Route 2 eastbound). There is so much to see in Wright Woods, that only a few things are shown here, with more to come in the future!

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Download Map of Wright Woods

Both spring peepers and wood frogs can be heard calling in the Andromeda Ponds during their early spring breeding season.


Along Well Meadow and other wet areas in Wright Woods you are likely to come across high bush blueberries, and in April, their flower and leaf buds are swelling and preparing to open.


This is a common understory shrub in Wright Woods, often found in the ravines, above wet areas, or along steep areas. The features shown in this video can be found throughout the winter on this shrub, with exception to the swelling leaf buds, which can be seen in spring.


Another plant you can find throughout the year and throughout Wright Woods are Prince’s pine, a type of tree club moss.


Why does that wood have a blue stain on it? Believe it or not, it is a type of fungus!

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