Bigelow Woods, Soutter Field and Hubbard Brook Farmfield

Year Acquired / 1993 & 2008
Size / 95
Trails / 1
Properties / 3

Hubbard Brook Farmfield: These almost 18 acres of land on Sudbury Road were acquired in 2008 and represent an important step in our initiative to save local farmland. The property was purchased with the donations of neighbors, CLCT members and Town residents. A grant from Concord’s Community Preservation Fund was also received.

Soutter Field and Bigelow Woods: This 77-acre property is located on the corner of Sudbury Road and Route 2. The property was donated in 1993 by Mary Soutter and consists of a summer cow pasture and a wooded flood plain along the Sudbury River.


Lovely river views, hardwood stands, active farming

Trail Conditions

Level terrain, some wet areas and uneven footing

Entrances / parking

On street parking:

Cars may park on the shoulder along Sudbury Road.

Off street parking:

Turn east into the driveway that is immediately to the left of the driveway to #657 Sudbury Road. Park in the parking area on the left, owned by the Walden Woods Project. The trailhead is across Sudbury Road and just to the left.

Explore the land

The land regulations

Please stay on marked trails

Leave the land as you found it

Do not remove plants, wildlife, stones, or historical artifacts

Carry out litter and dog waste and dispose of properly

Dogs must be under control at all times

Please observe posted restrictions for horses and bicycles

No camping, fires, or hunting (except by special permission)

No alcoholic beverages

No motorized vehicles except to provide ADA access